What Price Will Bitcoin Be in 2019?

Bitcoins see a lot of fluctuations in its price. Several factors including its limited number of users and its increasing popularity as ICO tokens, contribute to its ricocheting prices. If you are new to the market of cryptocurrencies you might wonder whether to hold on to your crypto assets or sell them off. New users often face this dilemma and could be skeptical of instability of bitcoins.

What is the current price of Bitcoin?

Currently the price of one bitcoin is around $6500. So far 2018 has not seen a sudden surge in its prices, unlike 2017 when it soared to around $20,000. The value of bitcoin has been varying from $10,000 to $8000 or even below. However crypto economy experts still believe the prices might soar by the end of this year, and even by the start of the next year. It is predicted to go anywhere around $25,000 by the end of 2018.

What could be the price of a Bitcoin in 2019?

The price of a single bitcoin is expected to be anywhere from $21,000 to $25,000 at the start of 2019. All cryptocurrency market experts believe the price of bitcoins is going to rise in the next year. ETF or Exchange Trade Fund is expected to use bitcoins as its basic asset, and sell corresponding shares to investors. This ETF approval of bitcoins is slated to take place next year. It is expected to cause variations in the price of the cryptocurrency. The bitcoin-ETF will also mean that investors will not be directly dealing with bitcoins, and can expect their crypto assets to be better secured. This approval is expected to see more big investors forming a part of the crypto community. All of this is going to affect the value of bitcoins in the market in a positive manner.

However whether the increase in number of investors will see a more stable bitcoin value, is still a matter of speculation. But bitcoins are definitely gaining popularity and might soon be a favored form of assets worldwide.

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